Starting Your Own Import Business

This post for any individual who thinks they may wish to know how to start to import items into their country where they are allowed to import and export.

The intent is for promoting or selling the imported products. A lot of this post might prevail understanding to some and new info to others.  Import


I recommend you identify who has the item you think you want to purchase and sell or to import. Do a comprehensive research on the industry, and the market you wish to buy and sell in. While I am not able to show you, in this short article where on the internet to go a search for suppliers. You need to have the ability to figure it out. This is as easy as typing the item into Google and with the relevant keywords.

You may consider going down to or calling your local courthouse to learn how, or if you have to register your idea of an import business. It is likewise advised that you start and note your company as a Sole Proprietor. Consult with your tax or legal representative for suggestions. But this process of setting up your business typically, in my viewpoint, has the very best tax benefits.

Import 01Obtain a proforma invoice or firm offer from your selected supplier. Make sure that their quotation consists of, among others, the terms of delivery such as FOB, C&F, or CIF. Your payment can be done in number of ways. You can use a wire transfer, letter of credit or an accepted credit account with the supplier you have selected. For someone simply starting out, and without a lot of money you may wish to consider a wire transfer, my own favorite, or a letter of credit which is provided to you by your bank. There several other approaches of payment, which you might elect to make use of in the future. They are documents against payment, documents against acceptance, prepayments which is another avenue of a wire transfer.

Importing items has many detailed aspects to it. The freight, clearance from customs, insurance and not to mention the payment terms. It takes much planning and study before you start.

A great way to make money is by importing items from countries where they are cheaper and selling them for a profit. However, you can’t make this money overnight as you will have many initial expenses. It will be best to attend a course on importation which can be done online or even at a local college.