Reasons To Choose Static Caravan For Holidays

There are several forms of catering accommodation for your holidays. However, there are very few, which come close to the static caravan. You are likely to find the static caravans ideal accommodation for your holiday.

Benefits of static caravan

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If you have pets, you understand the high costs of putting them in a kennel, while you are on holiday. You should not look at it on financial aspect but also emotional cost of separating your pets from you. Fortunately, there are several static vans, which are available for hire. They do allow pets to stay in them. However, there are some charges. However, they are considerably less as compared to having them in a kennel.


This is great for a younger family. In fact, staying in a static caravan while on holiday is a great idea. The holiday parks have entertainment club, which keeps children entertained for several hours. Moreover, teenagers will enjoy having a digital TV. There are others that have entertainment systems. If you are only two of you and looking to have an amazing weekend, there are many options for small caravan parks.


When you compare the static caravan to other forms of catering holiday accommodation, you will find them the most reasonable option. This is because you are paying per caravan and not per person. Therefore, you can share the cost with your friends. There are some caravans out there that can accommodate up to 10 sleeping people.

Warm and dry

Regular campers know that their holidays are let down by the adverse weather conditions. Fortunately, you will be spoilt by the luxury a static caravan provides. You will find the modern caravans weather proof and extremely warm. It does not matter whether it is blowing or lashing it down; you are guaranteed a safe and warm accommodation.

Choice of locations

You should gty37u833i93i6ayy3i338note that there are many holiday locations across the country. In that way, you are sure to get a holiday park in areas you are planning to visit. Therefore, you can have a weekend away some miles away from your home. From the hidden valleys to beachside caravans, you are bound to get a holiday park, which caters to your needs.

All static caravans have fully equipped kitchen with appliances such as fridge/freezer, cupboard space, gas cooker, and many more. You can also find resale for your caravan back after its use has been exhausted.