Getting Lyft Promo Code 2016 – Getting The Cheapest Ride

Lyft is a ride-sharing app, which allows you to ask a ride from a friendly stranger with a car. It continues to grow and getting popular every day.

How the promo code works

As the bartender runs your credit card, you can input the working promo code and get a discount in free app credits. Lyft continues to provide free promo codes that are known as credit codes. They are kmy4y7ud7tr4fsh7u3usually given to the new users. They are an incentive to try the application. The most popular offer you will ever get is a free ride. There are times you get the offer regarding free credits that you can use until they run out. This is also what the offer is meant for.

You should note that the free Lyft credits do expire. In fact, they expire after 30 days. Therefore, if you use a promo code, ensure you use it very soon.

Are they available for existing users?

You should note that all the Lyft codes available are for the new users only. This is the case with Groupon too. The following are some situations, which can prevent Lyft promo code from working:

  • If you have already paid
  • If you have requested a ride
  • If you used another code

This means that you are offered only a single chance to acquire free credit from using the promo code. If you cannot use the code, you can let your friend use it. You can also use the Invite Friends feature and get free credits for referring your contacts.

Using Promo Code

Follow the following procedure on how to use Lyft promo code:

  1. Download Lyft app
  2. Create your account by following on-screen steps. You can sign up with your email address or Facebook.my3rts7yus7y35styh73
  3. Tap a button in upper-left side of the app
  4. At the “Payments tab” enter the promo code and apply

Sometimes you may enter a promo code, and you find it not to work. Fortunately, you will get to know why the code did not work. The common error message you will get is “the code is only for new users” and the other error you may get is “the code is invalid.”